In the last two posts, I have introduced two Specialty Game Stores selling StarCraft II in the city centre of Preston. They are Gamestation Ltd and GAME. However, there are a lot of gaming shops selling StarCraft II in Preston and CeX (Complete entertainment Exchange) is another place where StarCraft II is available. It is in the city centre near the St Georges Shopping Centre. This post will introduce CeX in detail and show you how to find it.

CeX (Complete entertainment Exchange)

CeX (Complete entertainment Exchange) was founded in London in 1992. They now have stores in the UK, Spain and the USA. CeX buy, sell and exchange a range of technology and entertainment products including mobile phones, video games, DVDs, HD films, computers, digital electronics, vision and music CDs.

The shop in Preston trades computer consoles, games, DVDs, phones, CDs, electronic equipment, laptops etc. You can sell your own items to gain cash, or buy the traded in products for cheaper than the normal retail price. You can ring the store and see what stock they have, and get them to ship an item to your closest store if is unavailable there. The staff are very friendly and helpful and like to have a laugh.

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